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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 30, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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thanks for joining us on this thursday morning i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze thousands of new jobs are headed to the south bay. linkedin has just announced a deal to expand and build a new cam -- a new campus. amy hollyfield with details. >> reporter: they are looking down the road with confidence they are moving to sunnyvale and leased this property until
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2026. linkedin is based in mountain view. licensed inplanses to expand there by 70 -- the company is setting up shop in sunnyvale the mayor is delighted. linkedin plans to move to the new campus in two years. the new building can accommodate 3,000 employees. this campus is 580,000 square feet. they are growing, doing well, the company did 700 -- 724 million dollars in revenue this past year with a profit of 13.1 million. analysts say next year's profits are going to change the letter a "b" they think linked in will make 1.-- linkedin will make 1.4 billion in profits. this old building behind me some of the willed billings
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will be getting torn down they are going to build a new bright, shiney campus for this company. you will see linkedin moving in a couple of years. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 5:03. the department of homeland security is investigating apparent breach at san francisco international airport. it involves a woman, trip to europe and long expired passport. katie marzullo in the breaking news center with the story. >> reporter: the woman cleared security at sfo and may it to italy last month with a port that expired one year ago. vicki albright took off for her european vacation from san francisco, she says she didn't realize her passport expired in august of 2012. neither did the ticket agent at united airlines at sfo or multiple tsa agents as she passed through security acus tops agent in germany stamped
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her passport, no questions asked. she says the ordeal makes her uneasy about airport security. >> i'm just one traveler, but who else is getting through? something obviously is amiss in the system. >> reporter: albright went to the u.s. consulate in italy and was able to get a new passport issued for her trip home. she says the consulate was also perplexed as to how she traveled with that expired passport. department of homeland security tells abc it is looking into the incident. no comment from you -- united airlines. isaac is back down to a tropical storm this morning after drenching louisiana and mississippi last night. isaac bypassed new orleans and new levees wednesday flood areas north and south of the city where people had to be rescued. one man vowing to continue to live inside his flooded home.
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>> it is aggravating, we took a little water a while ago we have to let it go down. >> early this morning the storm packed sustained winds of 45 miles per hour as it moved over southern louisiana heavy rains continue toen the low-lying areas of mississippi, alabama and arkansas. workers say it will be several more days before they finish repairing the damage to a san francisco street caused by a water main break. cleanup continues. crews restored power and water to several homes, allowing people to go back home. crews worked to reduce the size of the hole they dug out a broken piece of the pipe and investigators are still trying to pinpoint the cause of the rupture. new report says pg&e can afford to pay massive penalties, stemming from the 2010 san bruno explosion it the report commissioned by
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state regulators shows the utility could survive a 2 1/2 billion dollar fine, by selling stock. pg&e called the report flawed and says california needs a financially strong utility. the company has set aside 300 million dollars anticipating penalties related to the disaster that killed eight people. information between pg&e mean and victim of a san bruno pipeline explosion was mistakenly put on internet pg&e paid 1.8 million dollars to a teenaged girl who suffered severe barnes during the blast two years ago. pg&e has settled a quarter of the 400 claims filed and paid 145 million dollars so far, details of settlements have not been made public. we should know fate of ross mirkarimi within the next six weeks. the ethics commission revealed it will release its written report on september 11th. that means the board of
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supervisors has thirty days from that time to vote on whether they will remove him from office or let him keep his job. earlier this month the commission found mirkarimi engaged in official misconduct for bruising his wife's arm, but did not make any recommendation on his future. nine of the 11 supervisors would need to vote in favor of removing him from office. >> vector control returning to brentwood tonight with pesticide spraying to rid mosquitoes that may be carrying west nile. a week ago trucks went through neighborhoods, weather permitting tonight between 7:30 and 11 p.m. another area will be sprayed. 5:07. kids heading back-to-school yesterday, a lot headed straight for the pool after. >> yes, they did. good reason for that too. mike is here with the forecast. >> summer warmth still out there today it has a short shelf life as breezes sea
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breeze comes back today, especially along the coast and for the rest of us tomorrow if they are going to spray in brentwood they better do it today. the next chance will be over the holiday weekend. visibility low along the coast at half moon bay a little drizzle possible at the coast the rest of us are doing fine because we have a clear sky. clouds at the coast for the better part of today, temperatures in the 50s through 7:00, we'll still have coastal clouds at noon and 60 there, 82 inland clouds remain at the coast at 4:00, 62 there 77 and the bay, 90 inland if you used the air conditioning yesterday you will probably have to use it again today. sea breeze penetrates the bay by 7:00, 59 coast, 69 bay, 78 inland. sea breeze continues deeper penetration overnight into the
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forecast friday that's why we are 10° cooler saturday almost the same, sunday warm again as temperatures jump 6 to 8° for the back half of the holiday weekend. accident santa rosa area west college near 101 initially reported on 101 looks like it is on west college. 101 good southbound through the cotati grade in petaluma no other major trouble spots. we saw earlier activity on the lower deck of the bay bridge there was a stall reported westbound, it has been cleared. no trouble, no delays at the toll. nice ride across the san francisco bridge now the -- across the san mateo bridge right now, delay-free, very light eastbound out of foster city, we'll check out the golden gate bridge, in my last report you saw caltrans crews clerking -- clearing roadwork,
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quiet ride out of marin into san francisco. no problems on the peninsula either. 5:10. samsung and sony are unveiling new products. >> a dollar here, a dollar there, the fees a lot of hotels are beginning to tack on to your bill. joey chestnut does it again. the new crown our local
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have you heard of the new dialing procedure for the 408 and 669 area codes? no, what is it? starting october 20, 2012, if you have a 408 or 669 number, you'll need to dial 1 plus the area code plus the phone number for all calls. o.k., but what if i have an 408 number and i'm calling a 408 number? you'll still need to dial 1 plus the area code plus the phone number. so when in doubt, dial it out!
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a deal on e-books attorney generals are agreeing to a 69 million dollar settlement on alleged price fixing on tronic books. while the republicans are in tampa president obama made a surprise visit online. he took questions on reddit, a social news site, almost two million readers subscribe to the thread for a while the volume crashed reddit's servers. samsung rushing into stores the first mobile device that will run windows 8 operating system they include a keyboard dock, ultra laptop and smartphone. sony using electronic show in germany to announce new products among them three new android smartphones. that's your tech bites.
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even veteran police officers are shocked by this. northern california woman was arrested for animal cruelty after she reportedly beat a puppy to death. the suspect 39-year-old janice aguilar allegedly put the injured animal into her backpack and walked way she told deputies the puppy had been attacked by a pit bull. neighbors called the sheriff's office when she saw her beating the dog and banging it on the ground. >> nannies, housekeepers, caregivers would be eligible for overtime and meal breaks under a bill making its way through the legislature. it would require live-in workers be compensated if their eight-hour rest period was interrupted. regulations governing work conditions would be set by state officials by january of 2014. no estimate of how many might be affected. a bill that would protect
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california churns opposed to same-sex marriage is headed to the governor's direction. -- desk. [ unintelligible ] >> clearly the issue of the day now is with regard to same-sex marriages if any religious leader or community did not wish to perform interfaith marriages, interracial marriages that's their freedom of religion. >> no word on whether the governor will sign the measure. paying for community college is getting tougher. the growing number of california community colleges are ending their participation in a federal student loan program. schools get cut off to grants if their student lone defaults reach 30%. critics say students would be forced to use credit card with high interest rates to pay for their education.
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for a list go to click on see it on tv. we are used to the airlines tacking on fees for everything from baggage to pillows now hotels are getting in on the action. the business travel coalition wants new rules requiring hotels to reveal all mandatory fees when guests book a room. they say many are shocked at check-out when charged for housekeeping, bell captain, internet access and resort fee. many hotels are cutting room rates but making up the difference with the hidden fees. u.s. transportation department has required airlines to reveal fees and taxes upfront. now the group says hotel guests should voice complains to the federal trade commission. san jose's professional eating champion has another trophy joey chestnut defended
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his title yesterday at the rib eating championship in sparks, nevada. he downed over eight pounds of pork rib meat in 12 minutes beating the 7.6 pounds he put away last year he wins the $5,000 prize and hopefully some items -- some tums to go along with it. >> i don't think we want to know what his insides look like. >> no. whatever you are having this holiday weekend you are going to watch out for the forecast. >> don't eat as much as he eats. >> at least not all at once. >> he looks like a bloated p g. how does he work it off -- [ unintelligible ] let's show what is going on -- [ laughing ] >> 5:17, looking from vollmer peak emeryville, bay bridge back to san francisco, it is clear here, clear inland let's check out live doppler 7 hd
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picking up fog along the coast down to half mile around half moon bay frances says a new accident just developed she will have details, so stick around for that temperatures 50s and 60s mild start to the morning low to mid 50s monterey bay inland highlights three most important parts of this forecast, cool with coastal clouds today, hot inland this afternoon. mostly cloudy everywhere tonight as sea breeze comes back and more drizzle at the coast, brief cooling friend friday and saturday. back half of the weekend warm again. [ unintelligible ] here's a look at temperatures warmest weather in highest elevations still in the 70s above 2,000 feet around the bay area the rest of us in the
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50s and 60s. by the afternoon clouds along the coast one finger of fog will roll across the golden gate bridge over the next couple of hours by noon back out to the coast that's where going to stay with 60s there 70s, 80s for the rest of us, 90s east bay valleys, low to mid 80s south bay. peninsula, palo alto 78, 77 san mateo, low to mid 60s coast, 70 downtown south san francisco and sausalito mid 80s most of the north bay valleys, upper 70s to near 80 throughout the east bay shore east bay valleys, one last dave 90° heat mid 80s inland back towards the monterey bay 72 santa cruz, 62 monterey. tonight 50s, a few 60s inland drizzle along the coast especially pacifica and half moon bay. about four to 10° cooler with
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the biggest cooling coming inland tomorrow as we struggle to reach 80, same weather saturday, sunday through wednesday warmth developing even out to the coast where we'll have sunshine for the back half of the holiday weekend. here's frances with that accident. you were telling us about the half mile visibility in half moon bay, there's an accident on highway 1 near -- stage road, it is a solo car crash, possibly with injuries, they are seeing a lot of thick fog in the area. they are sending crews there. keep that in mind if you take highway 1 could be a tough ride through the morning with the fog and low clouds. here's a live shot of 101 in san rafael, looks good, no problems now from santa rosa through petaluma and san rafael and the golden gate bridge earlier crash reported 101 at west college seems to be on the streets. also, a look south bay north 280 delay-free for headlights
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moving well towards cupertino, santa cruz mountains coming right across your screen on highway 17 northbound. also, delays on westbound 580 what you would expect, already near 30 miles an hour, heavy traffic reported by a traffic spotter just about eight minutes ago, traffic is starting to slow under the speed limit through the altamont pass. 5:21. giants got the shortest outing of the season from zito in houston. but they got more from pence and from the bullpen. sports is next. great america reveals next big attraction we'll give you a front row seat
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good thursday morning. you are looking live at traffic flowing right along on i-680 in walnut creek taillights heading southbound from the north main exit and volume is fairly heavy now but moving along. frances will give you an update coming up. sports now. a's looking for a sweep when they wrap up their four game series in cleveland today. donaldson put the a's ahead carter added insurance in the 7th with rbi single a's win fifth straight 8-4 final hold the wild card lead over the orioles by one. in houston pens -- pence hit
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second homer as a giant. zito yanked in the 3rd after giving up three runs offense was able to win 6-4 and stay 3 1/2 games up on the dodgers. bullpen did amazing job. rollercoaster fans will have a new reason to visit great america in santa clara next year new ride called the gold stricter is expected in 2013 they say it would be the tallest and fastest wooden rollercoasterer in northern california it will be nearly 3200 feet long, 108 feet tall and top speed of 54 miles an hour construction is underway when finished it will be the 8th rollercoaster in the park. >> wooden. >> they are going back to that. mitt romney prepares to accept his party's nation for president.
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we are live in florida for what he will say to voters. what a new report reveals about a fatal confrontation between peninsula police and an armed suspect >> big roadway closure this weekend that could make driving in downtown san francisco a challenge. high temperatures today and cloud cover especially along the coast cooler there low to mid 60s bay 70s, 80s inland 80s and even 90s into the east bay valleys. 80s and 90s dominate most of the country late summer heat spell taking over except seattle and portland at 69 and 73. all major airports on time except new orleans heading up towards memphis and atlanta we may have delays there because of remnants of isaac. on time back here at home with the holiday upon us, use
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coming up on 5:30 thank you for the company i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. big warning this morning to women who visit an upscale peninsula shopping center for the second time palo alto police looking for a man who sexually assaulted a woman. terry msweeney is there live. >> reporter: second time in a week they think it is the same man who has done both of them i'm here at orchard lane to my right you have crate and barrel and nordstroms to my left neiman marcus it happened here yesterday about noon a woman sexual late salted, groped in -- sexually assaulted, groped in broad daylight east indian man, 30, 5'9, medium build yesterday he was wearing a yellow hooded sweatshirt the hood was up, he
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made his getaway. we have pictures of the shopping center. this woman yesterday was just walking along the man stepped in front of her between from between two parked cars and groped her breasts from the outside over her clothing. he then ran south to welsh road he was spotted there. police responded, they did an in-- intensive search but were unable to locate him. last week this that case a man groped the woman's buttocks and made his getaway. police are going to be stepping up uniformed and plainclothes patrols. they want him before he strikes again. officers are giving a warning to everybody and that is please be aware of your surroundings as best you can be. this woman yesterday walking along at noon, broad daylight and the man steps out from between two parked cars, police say if you see anything suspicious, please give them a call, call 911. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news.
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this morning a livermore man is expected to enter a plea in a child molestation case investigators think lasted up to nine years. the 40-year-old jiminez faces 19 counts when he appears in court this morning at 9:00. he was arrested august 14th, on suspicion of molesting a child. the investigation began less than a week before he was arrested. nearly three machine investigation into fatal shooting involving police officers is over with the san mateo district torn calling it justifiable. the night of june 5th, derrick gaines and a friend were working through this arco station in south san francisco. the police officer seen here in an unrelated story, approached the two because they were acting suspiciously. you can see gaines takeoff in the video. the d.a. says gaines reached for a gun even though he knew
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it was incapable of firing. the family has hired an attorney to file a civil lawsuit. >> this young man and another young man was just walking along and they were stopped by the police for no apparent reason without factual basis, classic racial profiling. >> most significant factor was the existence of this 45 calibre firearm that the young man had in his possession and was reaching for at the time the officer made the decision to fire and kill him. >> gaines' father says he's disappointed but not surprised with the outcome. isaac is again a tropical storm this morning after drenching louisiana and mississippi last night isaac bypassed new orleans and new levees wednesday but flooded areas north and south of the city where people had to be rescued. early this morning, the storm packed sustained winds of 45 miles an hour as it moved over southern lieu heavy rains threaten to flood low-lying
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areas through tomorrow in mississippi, alabama and arkansas. >> trying to leave, trying to drive in the car you couldn't see your hand in front of your face. >> isaac also hitting wallets as it swamps nation's oil and gas hub along the gulf coast the storm is driving prices sharply higher some states are being hit with the biggest one-day jump in 18 months. mitt romney is preparing to deliver the biggest speech of his presidential campaign when he takes center stage at the republican national convention tonight. the nominee will introduce himself to voters and layout his plan for win being white house. t.j. winick joins us live from the convention center in tampa florida. >> reporter: good morning. it has all been building to this. tonight mitt romney will make the case he's man to lead america over the next four years and turn its economy around. last night it was his running
5:35 am
mate's turn. >> -- america learned a little about ryan's wisconsin roots. >> i live on the same block where i grew up. >> reporter: a lot about his political believes. -- beliefs. >> these past four years we have suffered no shortage of words in the white house. what is missing is leadership in the white house! >> reporter: mitt romney will accept his party's nomination tonight in the biggest speech of his life. his running mate tried to assure the many americans that believe he's looking out for the wealthy over the middle class. >> we have a plan for a stronger middle class with a goal of generating 12 million new jobs over the next four years. >> reporter: and finished with one last sales pitch. >> join mitt romney and me! let's give this effort everything we have! let's see this thing all the way through! let's get this done!
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>> reporter: two other prominent republicans spoke about what they believe is the lack of leadership in the white house. mccain. >> our president is not being true to our values. >> reporter: former secretary of state condoleeza rice. >> my fellow americans, we do not have a choice. we cannot be reluck tan to lead and you cannot lead from behind. -- >> reporter: democrats contend 12 million jobs promised by ryan over the next four years are nearly identical to what is already projected under existing policies. >> obviously, there are many goals. what do experts say romney must accomplish, must do tonight? >> reporter: according to the recent poll only 31% of independent voters across america now have a favorable impression of reut . folks here want to see -- of mitt romney. folks here want to see him be
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charismatic and excited. there's this belief he's a bit of an elitist. they want to see mitt romney articulate his success was really, the design of his own hard work. that he's a self-made man. i would say republicans want to see romney get personal this is where he's been reluctant in the past. the feeling is a little could go a long way with mitt romney. he's never going to be i feel your pain-type of candidate like bill clinton, again a little could go a long way if he lets people in a little bit. >> mark matthews will be reporting live from tampa tonight follow him on twitter for instant updates or go to the abc7 news facebook page we will be streaming live coverage of today's convention events on beginning at 4 p.m.. right now 5:37. california is moving to give driver's licenses to young
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immigrants in the country illegal but would no longer face deportation under a policy change by the obama administration. the bill approved would allow 350,000 young illegal immigrants to get driver's licenses. the measure goes back to the assembly it would make licenses available once the immigrants receive work permits under the program. the east contra costa fire district has accepted eight million dollars in federal grant money clearing the way to reopen fire stations. the money will allow the district to restore 15 jobs and add 12 more doubling the number of first responders. the fire stations are expected to reopen within the next 60 to 90 days closed when a proposed parcel tax was rejected in june. frances has been talking
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this all morning. if you are going to hit the road for labor day dumbarton bridge closed in both directions starting tomorrow night until early tuesday morning. >> starting tomorrow morning at 10 a.m., fremont street in san francisco closed from howard to mission, all part of the construction of the new transbay transit terminal this is time lapsed video of the work that will take place. workers will dig out the road, place a temporary steel bridge there. fremont street is expected to reopen in time for tuesday's commute. the excavation of the terminal is on schedule to be finished within two years. roads are about to get busy with getaway traffic. >> what do you have? >> fog along the coast, thick too, half mile visibility may have lead to that accident frances has been telling us about everybody else doing
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fine not anticipating delays. 49 santa rosa, 60 antioch, at 7:00 most of us in the 50s with clouds trying to spill across san francisco through 10:00, back to the coast by noon keeping nut 60s, 70s bay, 80s inland. 4:00 in the 80s to near 90 east bay valleys, 70s bay, 60s at the coast. as we jump into the weekend, four degrees cooler at the coast, 10 inland for friday into saturday, then it starts warming again sunday into monday good morning. there is this crash out on highway 1, mike was saying visibility is limited, and injuries reported, chm just arrived, this is highway 1 -- chp just arrived this is highway 1, look for lane closures on highway 1. bay bridge toll, light, no problems even with earlier stall. san mateo bridge looks great
5:41 am
that is going to be a popular alternate for the dumbarton bridge closure this weekend as well as 237 slowing westbound 4 through antioch arms of justice, 22 miles an hour what is cool about the waze traffic app, you can get speeds anywhere other traffic spotters are like -- as you head there, [ unintelligible ] could this be a hint about the new iphone? next, the program that could put money in your pocket even if your product is thrashed. no offense -- turn out the lights legendary bay area comedy club prepares for "and what's your name?" "oh, it's flo." "and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you."
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now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning. new apple recycling program has quietly appeared on their web store offering to buy old iphone force hunts in credit it may have something to do with a widely anticipated
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announcement about the new iphone 5. the program has iphone owners answering questions online before an for a trade-in credit is generated. the program will likely cut into other stores' business. apple's trade-in credit could only be done online. another iconic san francisco club is about to close. this time it is the purple onion comedy club in north beach the stage where woody allen got his start. the purple onion has launched careers of the late phyllis diller, smothers brothers and richard pryor after 60 years it is being bought the asking price two million dollars. the owner has been asked to leave by the end of september and so is the barber upstairs. >> i knew the day was going to come.
5:46 am
i'm sorry. >> after 48 years the only thanks i get is get out, don't come back. >> the pending sale adds to the number of city hot spots falling to the wayside. in march the gold dust shutdown after almost 80 years in union square. 5:46. next auto mechanics are in high demand. the bloomberg business report is next. better start counting your change. the chain that may be stealing your pennies. one more reason to eat chocolate like you needed
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temperatures close to average 60s coast, 70s, 80s bay hot inland 80s, 90s east bay valleys probably the last day. live doppler storms moving from us look for isolated thunderstorms around palm springs and yosemite today. the holiday weekend we have scattered thunderstorms possible tomorrow in tahoe and again saturday and friday in yosemite, watch pout if you
5:50 am
are heading up that way. heading to southern california afternoon sun and low to mid 80s l.a., near 80 in san diego skwraoeuplt >> 5:50. suspected shooter in colorado movie theater massacre is due in court this afternoon for a sanity hearing. james holmes pleads not guilty prosecutors would have an uphill battle in colorado prosecutors have to prove the defendant is sane without having their own experts examine him. holmes is accused in the july 20th shooting that left 12 dead and 58 wounded. a university of colorado psychiatrist who counseled homes is expected to testify. officials have sent e-mails to nearly 3,000 people who slept in camp curry cabins this summer warning them they may been exposed to the hantavirus. cabins are being cleaned out for the deadly row bent-borne
5:51 am
disease. a third person was sickened but is recovering. investigators are checking to see if a fourth person was infected. despite rising gas prices and weak economy millions of californians still plan to take a trip this holiday weekend. nearly three million plan a driving vacation 3 1/2% hike over 2011. aaa predicts traffic congestion will peak around 9:00 tomorrow morning i guess that's when you the getaway traffic and people heading to work, perfect storm. >> here's mike now with our forecast. let's go out and show what is going on this tells the tale, east from . creeping into the left of the
5:52 am
-- east from sutro tower sea breeze going to bring cooling trend especially tomorrow into saturday. right now doppler dry around the bay and inland a little drizzle possible along the coast. temperatures still running from 50 santa rosa to 64 in antioch, we are cooler around the monterey bay low to mid 50s inland. our three highlights, cool at the coast today, more cloud cover than yesterday, still hot inland probably our last day until we get to the back half of the weekend. mostly cloudy, more drizzle possible at the coast, brief cooling trend, friday, saturday, heat back sunday into labor day monday today slightly cooler inland still in the 90s around concord, 78 in oakland, fremont 80, san jose 83, san francisco 70, santa rosa 87, our spread will go from 62 pacifica today to
5:53 am
78 in oakland as we head inland, you may need air conditioner within last day as we hit 92 in brentwood many east bay valleys top 90, a few exceptions upper 80s in walnut creek and dublin. east bay shore, about 10 to 15° cool we are upper 70s to low 80s for you. south bay, a lot of sun, low to mid 80s. there's silicon valley, cupertino 82°. low 60s coast today near 70 downtown south san francisco and sausalito, mid 80s most of the north bay valleys, low 60s beaches, monterey bay rip currents this weekend, watch out if you are heading that way friday, saturday. today monterey 62, 72 santa cruz mid 80s inland. tonight any drizzle along the coast, clouds moving inland, temperatures in the 50s.
5:54 am
four to 10° cooler tomorrow into saturday, sunday and monday warm even out towards our beaches where hopefully rip currents basketball over by then. >> >> good morning. still quiet around the bay area we are seeing slowing in the spots traffic picking up you will notice we are not seeing summertime pattern any more with a lot more folks back in school and work, this is northbound 280 still delay-free out of san jose towards cupertino. this is northbound 17 out of the santa cruz mountains, still good. also, 680 in walnut creek southbound flowing well past the north main exit towards highway 24, there is already heavy traffic westbound 4 out of antioch, as you approach 242 and 680. north bay so far nice ride out of petaluma, down through san rafael the marin civic center on this side, good towards 580 and the golden
5:55 am
gate bridge. there's an accident on the coast highway 1, stage road near san growing gore row -- san growing gore yo. lanes may be blocked. here's jane king with the bloomberg business report. people who have been stealing cable may be severely disappointed companies may start encrypting basic says. companies already encrypt their more expensive programming tiers. dealers and repair shops are having trouble recruiting from a generation of kids who grew up playing inside on x-boxes instead of outside in the driveway. some mechanics earn more than -- [ unintelligible ]
5:56 am
you may have been paying too much for your meal at chipotle. the popular chain admits they've rounded their prices to the nearest nickel up or down in some of their busiest stores. that means some customers have paid a few cents more than they should have. the company says it will only round down in the future. you can score another point for chock list it canzóç help prevent strokes. a study phone men who ate moderate amounts had a lower risk of stroke. researchers studied men in sweden and those who ate a cup per week -- flavanoids found
5:57 am
in chocolate come in apples and broccoli. >> but that's not as much fun. >> no, and my little piece of chocolate just fell to the floor. >> that's okay kristen gave me this. i'm going toly forever now. >> 5:57 is our time. next the san mateo court website that mistakenly posted what pg&e paid to settle with one of the victims of the san bruno pipeline explosion. and where vector control will be slaying in the bay area because of a high number of mosquitoes and concerns over west nile. >> reporter: isaac may have weakened but problems are growing. how many people may still be st
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